A friendly chess clock for iPad, iPhone and iPod

    (It's free and, the prefered chess clock of professional chess players)


If you want to play chess with a chess clock, but you don't have your chess clock handy, now you can turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a nice, simple, easy to use chess clock with a great view for all possible chess match, tournament and casual games.

You can replace a physical chess clock with this inexpensive app, and you don’t need to carry anything else than your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with this chess clock inside. 

Simply download Zchessclock from the Apple App Store, or from iTunes.

So just put the board and pieces in place, turn your iPod on, an open this app, and train or play the real chess experience (playing against a friend and against time), in any place, any time! 

Just enjoy this real and digital chess, new experience! 

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See how it works!

See how it works in youtube, click here:

Special Features that chess players like of ZchessClock!

#1. Handicap - You can set different time for each player
you can set different time for each player, from 1 to 120 minutes each, in this way, if one player is better than the other, you can set less time for the best player like a handicap.

#2. Listen music while playing - Easy Sound Control and Music on
in Lite version many people asked how to silence the clock, just use the volumen control of the device at the side, getting low or high the volume. In Pro version we included in More Screen, Sound option, the chance to silence the ZchessClock, or to start the music standard app of the device in the song you listen at last. Also you can listen the clock sound together with the music, putting on the tic-tac option.

#3. Help if Clocks shortage - to complete clocks in a chess tournament
when organizing a tournament at a club, and do not reach the board asked the players if they can bring the parts or the board. In the case of chess clocks, if any player has an iPod, an iPhone or an iPad, you can solve the shortage of clocks for the tournament using ZchessClock. This contributes to not miss on any board a chess clock, and you play better chess.

#4. Restart or Continue - Possible to check another app while playing 
There is a trick in the ZchessClock. When two players are playing, you can exit the application but keep walking chess clock!, So when you press the icon ZchessClock again, returns to the screen Play. If instead we go to the Settings Screen to change the time per player, the chess clock restarts.

#5. Phone blocked - Possible to block telephone calls while playing
going to settings, and putting on airplane mode, if someone calls on the iPhone, it will not sound while we are using the ZchessClock, whereas if we put off airplane mode, the iPhone will sound when a call arrives, but the ZchessClock will continue running !

Product Specifications

Settings screen 

In the first screen you can set the time for each player. You can choose the time you want for each player, not necessary they must be equal, you can choose different time for each player. Then you can choose play and go to the chess clock app itself: Play screen. 

Play screen 

Tapping a clock, the other clock turns white and time run in it (a tic tac sound you could listen, and you can set the volumen of the clock sound as you want), until this player tap the white clock that is running. Then it turns grey, and the other clock turns white and so, from tap to tap. 
Once a player loose all its time, the clock turns red, and the red upper arrow falls down. Just like the real chess clock! 
While you play, it will not allow the screensaver run, so you will remain watching the clocks while you play with no problems. 
In case you need to use another app, you can do that and once returning to this app, you could see the time continues running. Only when you tap "settings", and change the time for a player the chess clock reset time for both clocks. 

More screen 

In this third screen you can choose an option from the following Menu: (Fischer system, and Sound are available in Pro version only)

Choosing "Fischer System" you can select if you want to play using some seconds added per move, that is the idea of this system. Default it will be OFF, but you can choose some seconds, like in the below picture:

Choosing "Sound", you are able to turn OFF or ON the tic-tac sound of the clock, and you can also select if you want to listen some music while playing chess, turning ON the music choice (see picture below). In case you turn music on, the device will play the chess clock, and simultaneously play music that you already have placed in your device. In case you want to choose a song in particular you will have previously to go to the music app in your device, select it, and do pause, then returning to ZchessClock, that song will start playing once you start de clock playing.
In case you want to listen a list (of songs), you will have to repeat the above, and in the music app select the list.
To stop music (in the play screen) you should return to Settings -> More -> Sound, and the turn OFF the music option of the picture below.

Choosing "Links to Chess Clubs" you can choose a country, and you will find web links to chess clubs in that country. In each upgrade we will add more links and we will upgrade those links that stop working fine. 

Lite version features:
  • -       25 languages
  • -       Sudden Death
  • -       Time settings between 1 to 120 minutes per player
  • -       Sound
  • -       Link to chess club by country
  • -       Price: Free

Pro version features:
  • -       25 languages
  • -       Sudden Death
  • -       Time settings between 1 to 120 minutes per player
  • -       Sound control: mute, and "listen-to-music" simultaneously option
  • -       Fischer system: additional time per move
  • -       Link to chess club by country
  • -       Price: 0,99 usd


We are glad to contribute to the growth of chess worldwide for amateurs that just like to play in every place, or chess students that like to play with a chess clock, or chess professionals too. 


 Caballito de Palermo - Argentina


Project Director: Leo Zambrelli
Manufacturing: Sebastian Chab Vives, Fernando Scanavino
Design: Adrian Lorenzo, Indiana Rodriguez Rossi

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