About us

We invent applications for the man on foot.
We are looking for the life of man on foot be more simple and fun. Our vision is that we can create a better future for people. Our work involves: invent, organize, collaborate and outsource.
Our world has many needs, and our focus is to discover, and create new products or applications that makes life more beautiful.
The knowledge and wit move us to create applications. The result implies ideas, and these are worth when they become reality! Our core capability is to generate not only but to implement them.
We are a team where we integrate the efforts of great artists, system developers, technology, advertising, and people with ideas and good thinking.
We create new tools that give the world new ways to enjoy it. We solve problems. We envision a new world. We convert dreams into reality. We think of the everyday problems of man on foot.


  1. Hello Leopoldo Zambrelli!

    Hey, please check and suggest your iPad App's be discussed there ok?


    1. Hi Dan, Thanks for your kind suggestion we will do it